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You could be anywhere in the world right now, but you're here with us. Thank you for visiting our site and please be on the lookout for amazing updates and product releases in the future. But for now, go get a bottle of Uncle Pizza's Signature Buffalo Lime Cilantro Sauce...We Make Sh*t Taste Good!


We Make Sh*t Taste Good!

Flavor Meets Heat

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Our Customer Reviews

I bought some of your sauce and it is absolutely AMAZING!!! I'm a hot sauce queen and I've been putting it on everything!

Hot Sauce Queen

Your hot sauce is soooo good! I'll be placing another order today.

Happy Customer #2

This sauce is the perfect blend of flavor and heat. I literally put it on everything I eat - job well done!

Happy Customer #3

This hot sauce passes the collard green test...This is fire!

Kailah D