About Us


Christopher Arceneaux is a full time, son, brother, dog dad, Manager of Customer Success at LinkedIn, & entrepreneur. Born and raised in the city of Chicago, he built a career encouraging his colleagues to embrace what makes them unique to help them advance in their career. When he started Uncle Pizza’s, he realized that he was in for a dose of his own medicine.

“Here’s the truth… I’m an avid sauce lover and I love to make s*** taste good” 🌶 ⚜️🍕

He loves to travel so he’s had the pleasure of experiencing cuisines from all over. He came up with the idea to start ‘Uncle Pizza’s’ on a trip to visit his niece Lennyx. Miss Lennyx calls him none other than, Uncle Pizza.

“If it weren’t for her, I would have never encountered the inspiration for my signature Buffalo Cilantro Lime sauce. Lennyx, you are the reason all of this is!” 🙏🏾❤️

For Chris, it means so much to create something inspired by his family. He wants to create a legacy that lasts for years to come.

“As hard as I’ve worked to set an example within LinkedIn, I’m excited to set an example within my community as well. Even better, I get to do it by building something I love… an incredibly awesome sauce.”

Uncle Pizza’s is proudly black owned and operated and our messaging is unapologetically for the culture. Our products are bold and flavorful and we have made it out mission to bring people together over good food no matter where you come from.

Follow out social media at @unclepizzas & Visit unclepizzas.co to grab a bottle. A portion of every sale goes to providing scholarships for under privileged students.


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